Why Baku?


Azerbaijan has been linked with oil for centuries, even millennia, and was the location of many “firsts” in the historic development of the oil industry. Innovative new techniques such as rotary drilling and gaslift were tested for the first time in Azerbaijan. Within three decades of the first oil well drilled in 1846, the world witnessed the building of the first wooden oil derrick in 1871, the first distillery in 1876 and the first oil tanker ship in 1877.

Since then, the Azerbaijani oil industry has experienced steady expansion, and, to this day, investors continue to value the growth potential that this great country can offer through its rich resources in both oil and gas.


Baku is a multinational and multicultural city where for centuries representatives of various ethnic groups and faiths lived in an atmosphere of peace, mutual understanding and dialogue with mosques, churches, and synagogues located in close neighbourhoods. Baku has also earned a reputation of the “city of contrasts” that perfectly combines the beauty and intrigue of its ancient past with its ambition to transform into a modern, green, recourse-efficient, diversified and knowledge-based city.


Located on the south-eastern border of Europe, Azerbaijan serves as the natural bridge between Europe and Asia. With more than 70 flights a week to and from Baku operated by Lufthansa, Turkish Airlines, Qatar Airways, Aeroflot, Etihad Airways, Gulf Air and other reliable airlines, it is easier to get to the city than many might think it is.


The highest governmental support of large-scale global events held in Baku ensures effective involvement of all relevant structures and entities. Professional and responsible approach, state support combined with outstanding hospitality of Azerbaijani people ensured success of international events held in Baku previously.


The new e-visa system allows foreigners wishing to visit Azerbaijan to obtain their visas in just three simple steps within 3 hours. According to the Wanderlust, a British travel magazine, Azerbaijan is among the top five easiest countries to get a visa to. Apart from the e-visa, a special simplified visa procedure will be implemented for delegates of all countries-participants of the World Petroleum Congress.

This procedure has already been practiced during previous large-scale events including the Annual Meeting of the ADB, Global Forum of the UNAOC, and others.


Baku has been a hub for regional conventions, trade fairs and contests since the mid-1990s. Baku is also well known for hosting large-scale international events. The 2012 Eurovision Song Contest, the 48th Asian Development Bank Annual Meeting, 7th Global Forum of the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations are some of events hosted in Baku in the recent years.

Baku is a world-known host of sporting events some of which include the 1st ever European Games (2015), 42nd Chess Olympiad (2016), 4th Islamic Solidarity Games (2017), Baku City Circuit (Formula 1), and UEFA Europe League Final (2019).


Safety is one of the significant advantages of Baku and events held in the city. According to www.numbeo.com website, the world’s largest statistical database on cities and countries, Azerbaijan is among the top 20 safest countries among 125 countries of the world and one of the safest countries in the post-Soviet area.


Well-developed city infrastructure, modern convention centres and sports venues, and international-standard hotels contribute to success of high-level global events held in the city. Baku Expo Center, Heydar Aliyev Center, Baku Convention Center and others have hosted some of the most significant international events that took place in Baku in the recent years.


As a result of positive economic growth during the last several years, the city of Baku has developed hotel infrastructure which meets international standards. Recently built luxurious international-standard hotels with the state-of-the-art brand-new facilities as well as numerous 4- and 3-star hotels have created ideal conditions for hosting large-scale international congresses, meetings, and other events.